Definitely a great question!  What makes you want a rabbit?

1 - They have personalities like puppies, but don't bark to annoy you or your neighbors being left alone in the apartment or backyard
2 - It's been said that rabbits can easily litter train with some gentle guidance, if you want yours to be indoors that is.
3 - Rabbit poo doesn't smell if it's dry and makes great fertilizer.  The pee does smell, but using a teaspoon per gallon of Braggs Apple Cider Vinegar with the 'Mother' in it added to the water does reduce odor, plus it supplies a multiple of benefits to the rabbit as well.
4 - Many leftover fresh vegetables can become feed for the bunny, a great way to recycle instead of composting.
5 - They are fun to watch for hours of entertainment!
6 - It's easy to find someone to take care of them if you go away, and   even easier to travel with them, especially in an RV.
7 - They love to be petted and cuddled, and in some cases can make a great 'baby' for the two of you to share before the real one comes along~
8 - The does do not go into a heat like a dog, so the smell or mess is eliminated. 
9  - Health care requirements are low maintance, no vaccinations are necessary.

10- Feeding them is relatively inexpensive, especially if you supplement with plants from your garden.
11 - Housing for rabbits does not have to be the Taj Mahal, just enough to contain your pet for it's own safety.  You can get as creative as you desire.
12 - Given they are social animals, keeping one alone can work if you do the trick of hanging a mirror by it's water bowl to make it appear there is always 'company' there~
13 - Rabbits are a great way to teach kids responsibility, enable them to participate in 4H activities, learn self reliance by connecting with nature to grow food.
14 - For the Backyard Prepper rabbits are able to multiply for a meat source in smaller quantities, much faster and much cheaper than cattle or goats, creating a huge food supply in a small amount of backyard space.
15 - For those that love to fish, many rabbit raisers also raise earthworms (or Red Wigglers). The worms will break down the bed just under the rabbit cages, turning the manure into beautiful rich black potting soil.
16 - For the gardener, rabbit manure is one of the best available containing more nitrogen and phosphorus than many other manures and more potash than most.  You can plant it all the way down to the roots and it will not burn the plants!

17 - What a great way for young couples to see what it is like to parent a baby and learn whether or not they would enjoy the experience before committing to a child! 
18 - Your reason for having one may be different than any of the above, would love to hear it!


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