New Zealand

Background information on New Zealands

New Zealand rabbits are mostly used for meat production, having the body of a large meat frame rabbit.  Normal colors are Black, Broken, Red and White.  Blue is starting to be more accepted and considered rare to find.

They reach about 9 - 12 pounds of valuable meat and are also great fur producing animals.

New Zealand Whites are exceptionally calm and docile with laid back personalities.  I am finding the mothers to be very protective of their young.


Prices on New Zealand rabbits start at $35 for the New Zealand/ Flemish Giant crosses.  Regular New Zealand kits are now being set at $60 for whatever color you choose of our available stock. 


There is a waiting list with no deposit that you could request to have your name on.  We do not knowing what sex we have available until the 7th week.

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