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No matter how you found us, we are glad you did!  It's great to have more people interested in getting into or improving their relationship with rabbits, for what ever the reason may be!

Going through the differents pages of this site you will possibly find rabbits or information of interest to you, that's the purpose of it.


Ask your questions: 


There are times people are looking for me to guide them through the process of how to set up their cages or information about the rabbits, basically an individual class we label as 'Rabbit 101'.  If you are not ready for a purchase, we would be happy to answer your questions for a $25 up front charge with an hour visit to the Rabbitry.  As of June 12, 2017 we are no longer offering for that charge to be deducted from the price of your future bunny.  Anyone prior to that date will be honored with their credit.


Unfortunately it has become necessary for us to explicitly state that we must be compensated for the time lost with stopping our routine to give an education and never see the person again. That covers the person we hire to catch up on lost work time.  Additional traffic through the rabbitry opens up the possibility of stressing the bunnies.  I strongly try to discourage the need for the visit, most all information is on the web to discover... yes, it takes volumes of hours, that was where a lot of my education happened.


Continuing support:


After you take your rabbit home, you are not abandoned as if you bought it at a pet store.  We are here to help with a dilemma that arises or answer or give suggestions on what ever we can in how to care for your bunny.  We don't know all the answers.  We have learned that the more we know, the more we know we don't know.  It can be a learning experience for all of us and we try to link you to areas that could be of more help.




If for some reason you are unable to keep your pet, that your situation changed, please contact us for rehoming.  We care about our animals and do not want to see them abandoned. 













Any parent that has to read the riot act and reinforce how to behave here before or after exiting the car is most likely better off to find another rabbitry for a pet.  Mine will not be available. 


It's simple.  Stress caused by poor behavior can surface the next day and has.  We will no longer try to accommodate the feelings of the parents given this situation which is sacrificing the well being of our rabbits.  Their stomachs suffer with the outcome of the stress causing a rabbit to go off of food, grinding teeth being in pain, etc. 


It is unacceptable, no exceptions.  Your pets may be used to it, ours are not.  The end result can mean death to a rabbit, not the intention of the parent or child or the Rabbitry, so this situation must not be repeated for the protection of our animals.


Additional Note:


Easy to find, we are the only ones on Conleys Chapel Road with 3 board white PVC fence on both sides of the road, one side being Chapel Green development and the other being us.  Take the stone driveway to the big yellow and green barns in back by the house and wait for us at the gate.  Please call or text us at 302-448-6738 about 10 minutes before arriving so we can be there to greet you!  We definitely work by appointment only. 


Looking forward to meeting you... have a great day!



Simple Rule of the Rabbitry:

If you should have an unruley child or children please do not schedule a visit.


Well behaved children are always welcome here!


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