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February 7, 2019

June 21, 2017

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What's wrong with my bunny's ears???

April 18, 2016

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Moving Right Along

February 10, 2016

Breeding - We have been very busy in the bunny renewal area, also known as breeding.  With about 15 potential does bred already we decided to use the open window before the temperature drop this week to breed our open five beautiful Flemish Giant does and one New Zealand mother.  All are proven does so it will be easier this time for both them and us to have litter success... hopefully.  We will all find out soon. 

One of the beautiful sweetheart Champagnes, she acts like a puppy dog and wants to be petted every time I go by, has been collecting hay and pulled fur yesterday, about a week preceeding her expected delivery.

Yes, Pictures! - Thank you for the wonderful pictures being sent in from new bunny parents, they are especially wonderful to see the avenues my little guys are taking and how much they are enjoying their new lives.  It's easy to see the love and appreciation they are giving and getting in the cradling hands of a child.  I love it!


In fact, it makes me feel selfish not to share with the others.  Yes, some have gone up on Facebook, but here is here. If you would like your photos shared, please send them to me via email to:

My phone does not handle the size or memory of some that come in and it totally falters with not being a smart phone.  It goes against my grain to take an expensive phone and do the dirty work day after day putting it at risk, so I stay with just the texts and calls and leave the technical to my desktop inside.

New Bunny Owner Start Up Bags -  You know better than me that it can be tough on a new owner to have some good hay,  a good toy, some chew sticks and reward food to entice friendship would be great to get in a sampling quantity to start on the right track.  So in limited spare time, hopefully before this weekend, I will begin to put together some that I have wonderful visions of in my head! 

Until next time...

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