If you have not been a customer here, but are in need of help, it is now necessary to post an appreciation

               'Thank you!'


After being texted by someone that had not been a customer here and giving free, sound advice on how to care for a kit,  this establishment was called 'EVIL' for not allowing the use of one of the does to take care of the unknown person's baby rabbit.  That person then proceeded to post her derogatory comments on this Facebook page review. 

So instead of totally cutting off help to non-past customers, it is now necessary to ensure that any future help is given to only people that would really appreciate it. 

Therefore, this rule is being set up to say a simple "Thank You" on Facebook at the appropriate address given above before help is rendered.  Regrettably there are rude people out there that we do not wish to deal with and are banned from here in the future.

Thank you for your time reading this and your understanding this situation.

Thank You Lindsay Jones Rule

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